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Fulltime RV’ers: Snow in East Texas

Snow Day in East Texas!  Wait, WHAT?!? Apparently Texas forgot that it’s not supposed to snow here. At least not like this it isn’t. It’s funny, we spent the end of 2018 through the greater part of 2019 in Virginia and only ONCE did we get snow.

But, definitely nothing like this.

We woke up Sunday morning knowing that snow was in the forecast for the day, but we had NO IDEA it would stick or accumulate to several inches around the campground. In some spots it looks to be at least 5 inches. The last time we saw snow like this was back in Nashville, 2016 or 2017.

Additionally, we woke up to empty propane tanks…

You’d think after 27 months of being fulltime RV’ers, these things wouldn’t happen, but nope they still do. Lol. I remember when we arrived in VA Beach in the winter of 2018, we had a week of below freezing temps that resulted in frozen sewer pipes, and a frozen connection at the water spigot.

We have come a long way since then…

Fortunately for us, we stay at RV Resorts mostly and we were able to refill our propane easily. Truth is, we enjoyed getting to see the snow and after being in the RV for as long as we have, we prefer sunny days with no snow. Lol.

Did anyone else get snow like we did yesterday?

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