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Fulltime RV’ing: How to Setup a Tiny RV Nursery

Hey Coachmen RV…your bunk room makes for a good RV Nursery!

For those looking to hit the road fulltime with a newborn or a toddler, we have 15 easy steps to setup a nursery inside your RV.

Step 1: Remove the Bunk Bed from the brackets
Step 2: Toss out the Bunk Bed
Step 3: Disassemble the fold out couch (this was a painfully long process)
Step 4: Store or Sell the couch, FYI they are expensive so we don’t recommend just throwing them out.
Step 5: Retrieve old childhood toys and Bambi artwork from your parents.
Step 6: Travel to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA. A local artist paints the most colorful and beautiful animal images, buy a few of them.
Step 7: Buy a ton of Command Strips. Use command strips to hang up new and old artwork.
Step 8: Purchase Delta’s changing table and dresser combo, put it together and place it where the old couch went.
Step 9: Buy a small folding corner bookshelf from Wayfair. Use additional command strips to stick into place.
Step 10: Buy a Origami fold up Crib, put it together and place it perfectly against the open side of the bunk room opposite of the closet and breaker box.
Step 11: Purchase screws to hang diaper bags to wooden strip once used to hold up the bunk bed.
Step 12: Take pictures.
Step 13: Blog about how it’s totally possible to build a nursery in a tiny space.
Step 14: Share post
Step 15: Gotta go, baby is crying!

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