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Fulltime RV’ing: Should I Get a Storage Unit?

When becoming fulltime RV’ers, what should you do with your “stuff”?

By stuff, I’m referring to everything you have in your sticks and bricks home. Every RV’er will likely tell you something different as far as what their method was & we’re no different.

Here’s what I can tell you…

It depends. Lame, I know. But you have to consider a few things when deciding what to do with your stuff.

1. How long do we plan to be fulltime RV’ers?
2. Do we plan on selling our home before we become fulltimers?
3. Am I a person who prefers back up plans or and I a person will adapt to new plans later.
4. Do you want to even bother with a storage unit?
5. Is the cost of a monthly storage worth paying to hold my stuff?
6. What’s the cost to replace my stuff (non-sentimental) if I decide not to store it?
7. Do I own things irreplaceable?
8. Would I regret selling vs keeping my stuff?

These are many of the questions we asked ourselves…here’s what we did…

We sold a significant amount of our stuff, donated many things, threw out the rest, and picked up a 10×15 storage unit in Nashville near our home that costs us $350 a month.

Here’s what I’ll admit…

We should have sold more, donated more, & threw out more. At least all of the items that could easily be replaced. We are back up plan and contingency type of people. Since RV’ing was going to be completely new to us, we wanted a back out plan in the event it didn’t work out. At that time the cost to replace all of our stuff outweighed the cost to store it. Since we planned to only life the RV Lifestyle for a year, we could justify the ridiculously high cost to store our stuff.

Since we have blown well passed the 2 year mark on our way to the 3 year mark of RV Life…

We should have gotten rid of more things and only stored those intrinsic and irreplaceable items in a much smaller unit.

$10,500 is what we’ve spent over the last 30 months on storage unit fees.

So should you get a storage unit or get rid of everything?

I’d say it still depends, but at the very least in our situation, we should have downsized even more than we did.

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