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Goodbye RV Life…for now

*To Our home for 3 years.

*To Our F.I.R.E starter.

*To Our Tiny H.O.W.

*To what changed our lives forever.

*To what changed our financial futures.

*To the nomadic lifestyle.

*To what made us better spouses.

*To what enriched our lives.

*To what took us places we didn’t know we could go.

*To what helped bring us closer.

*To what strengthened our marriage.

*To what helped make us parents.

But none more important than saying goodbye…

1. To the home we first brought our daughter home to.

2. To the home that protected us during the winter snow storm in Texas as new parents with a newborn. (What a week that was).

3. To the home that brought us to Debt Freedom.

4. To the home that taught us experience > things.

5. To the home that showed us what really matters in life.

Truth is, some call this a recreational vehicle. We called this HOME. It’s sad to see it go, but we’re happy new memories will be made and new distances will be traveled. RV Life is many things for many people, but for us RV Life was something we didn’t know we even needed until we found it. Make no mistake, the fulltime RV Lifestyle isn’t for the faint of heart, but is for those who understand that God intended our lives to be full of experiences and not things, RV Life is everything you want it to be.

And then some…

We are sad that it’s sold, but happy to have those memories that will last a lifetime. We are elated to share this story to our daughter as part of it is her story too. We’re thrilled knowing that new adventures are right around the corner. Last but not least, we are humbled knowing that life is 1000% what you decide to make of it.

On to the next chapter…

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