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Increased RV Traffic on US Interstates

Is exactly what we saw during our road trip last week. It almost seemed that majority of the RV’s we saw or passed were 5th Wheels, but undeniably one thing is for sure, campgrounds, state parks, and maybe even some boondocking places will be much busier in 2021.

Reservations Months in Advance

When we started RV’ing 2 years ago, many folks warned us that if we wanted to C̶A̶M̶P̶…hmm I mean Glamp in Florida during the Winter, we needed to make reservations MONTHS in advance. Ironically enough, we haven’t even traveled to Florida during the Winter to find this out, but I do believe that 2021 will definitely create this situation at many places regardless of the season. Even here at our campground in East Texas, our host has mentioned a waiting list for many other fulltimers like us as this place STAYS FULL. They typically leave 10-20 slips available for short term’ers.

A Resurgent Interest in Outdoor Activities

The RV Industry Association is very active on LinkedIn and shared this recently, “The pandemic fueled a resurgent interest in outdoor pursuits and products from bicycles to motor homes. The RV Industry Association recently projected that total RV shipments across the industry for 2020 would be 424,400 units, a 4.5 percent growth in units over 2019, despite an industrywide shutdown of almost two months due to the coronavirus pandemic. The industry group sees the sales trends continuing into next year, projecting a record 507,200 units sold in 2021, a 19.5 percent increase over the projected 2020 total”. RV Industry Association

My 2 takeaways?

1. Maybe we should build a new RV Campground Resort as an investment?
2. Semi-new, lightly used, or even full blown project RV’s will be a hot commodity. Simply meaning, the value of your RV typically goes down like with anything that has wheels, but given the demand, used RV’s will likely hold their value more so than in the past.

Have you noticed an increase of RV’s on the roads?

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