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Least Expected Love of RV Life

What’s one thing about RV Life that you like that you least expected?

We have many, but the one that sticks out the most is seeing the kids outside playing without electronics, riding their bikes up and down the campground, swimming at the pool, and enjoying time OUTSIDE. Granted the Pandemic has altered this just a bit, but it still happens where we are.

While living in Mississippi and in Tennessee we rarely saw this happen.

I remember growing up and you couldn’t pay me money to stay inside. Like, I’d push the boundaries when my parents told me, “be home before dark”. For example, technically I’d be home before dark, but I’d still be outside working on my jumpshot. Times have certainly changed. In middle school we used to ride bikes all over town racking up miles well into the double digits going to each other’s houses, parks, etc.

You don’t see that anymore.

Things are different today, but it’s been pretty cool seeing fulltime families have their kids play with other fulltime kids around the campground. During our time at the KOA in Williamsburg, they have one of those bouncy ballon pad things and on any given day it was common to see like 20 kids out there bouncing around.

We loved seeing that and we enjoy the sounds of them playing outside. Kudos out there to the fulltime RV parents showing their kids this lifestyle of enjoying the great outdoors! That’s how we want to be!

What about you? What’s one thing you least expected you like as a RV’er?

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