Our RV Life Journey

Living a Life that Others Don’t Understand

It’s ok to live a life that others don’t understand…And bonus points if they call you ‘weird’.

Living a nomadic lifestyle comes with some perks. Additionally, it comes with some pains. You can bet that any nomad that travels, lives, and works fulltime on the road can give you at least 3 Perks and 3 Pains. Here’s ours:

• Perks:

1. Maximize our Income.
2. Spend more quality time together.
3. Explore many areas across the US.

• Pains:

1. Black Tanks (Don’t get us started on this).
2. Safety and Security when and if a bad storm comes through.
3. Things break easily on RVs.

Truth is, it’s all about perspective.

Living fulltime in a RV is not something some people understand. Emphasis on ‘some’. In fact, many people these days seem to understand why someone would choose to live a RV nomadic lifestyle. I believe the current pandemic and job loss situation has much to do with it nowadays. But even besides that, anyone that says they could ‘never’ do it, aren’t looking at it with a different perspective. Sure…things break easily on RVs, sure…simple things like a dishwasher you tend to miss having, sure…some of your neighbors might be questionable people…

But you know what?

All of those things can be true living in a regular home in your average neighborhood. (Well, maybe except for the dishwasher, lol). When we left our regular home, we knew some things would be missed and we knew some things would be gained. We are very much still in the thick of the rat race to quickly pay off our debts, but being nomadic in our RV has given us more of what we didn’t have living stationary in our regular home.

Can you name your 3 Perks and 3 Pains?

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