Our RV Life Journey

Moments Like These

The evening temps here in East Texas have finally cooled off enough for us to put our fire pit to use. Having the opportunity to roast marshmallows & snuggle around a campfire with good company are the moments we’ll always remember.

RV Life has been a wide variety of things, feelings, and new experiences.  Equally, there has been a wide variety of challenges, lessons learned, and new frustrations.  This lifestyle has given us more than simply new experiences and challenges.  Living in our 400 square foot 5th wheel has helped us pave the way for a new road.  This road leads to a financial future unlike the one we would have had to take while living and working in Nashville, TN.  

We had a small firepit in our backyard in Nashville that we used….once.  Possibly twice.  Regardless, we never had the time to us it.  We had a lot of things, but most of them we didn’t have the time to enjoy.  We’ve blogged about the lack of time during those days pretty heavily in previous posts.  It’s amazing to us how much time we spend enjoying sunsets and campfires these days.  It’s moments like these that remind us what life is all about.

Who else loves a good campfire?


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