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Not Canceled, Just On Hold Indefinitely

Not canceled, just on hold indefinitely….


“Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on the right track.” —Natasha Munson.

About our Journey

Since the beginning of our journey we’ve shared quite a bit about money, finances, and our pursuit of a debt free life. At the core, this has been the purpose for our journey. Keeping on that track has been quite the feat, nonetheless. When we started, we created more debts for a chance to settle old debts. Risky? Absolutely. Our decisions reflected our emotions and our emotions depicted our struggles.

October 2018, excluding mortgages we had something in the ballpark of $245k worth of debt. Now, while shocking, majority of that debt was student loans. Many of you saw Meredith’s post recently about her degree/profession as she mentioned the price & time it took for her degree. Fortunately, we climbed out of that debt crater entirely. In fact, we succeeded in paying off 100% of our old debts.

Today, only the new debt remains. We were on a fast track to have all of it paid for in FULL by summer 2020. However, COVID-19 has changed our plan…

Current Status

We’ve both found ourselves with a potential job loss/contract canceled situation. I’m on contract until 12/2020 & Meredith’s is pending an extension but is confirmed through the 1st week of May. The US Surgeon General stated that all elective surgeries should be suspended indefinitely. This creates an issue for Meredith as a Locums CRNA. Less cases = Potential overstaffing. After my layoff back in August 2019, I found a great contract job, but as of today an email went out that all non-essential contractors will be let go. Nothing has been made definitive yet, but it has us on our heels. Fortunately, we have built up our savings as an emergency fund and we are prepared, but our aggressive debt free plans will be put on hold…

For now…

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