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Not Taken For Granted…

Many of you know by now that we are massive supporters of being ‘time rich’. One of the main reasons for our journey was not to buy more time, but to use the time we’re given more efficiently.

Isn’t it amazing how we go through life much the same as those who came before us? Outside of the RV community, most people who wish to travel assume that can only happen in retirement. Many assume that getting high paying jobs, a house, and a white picket fence has to happen first. Those folks also assume that “I’ll have time later in life” and “I’ll have more money to travel later in life”.

Here’s what we’ve learned…

While some of this might be true, the one thing no one can guarantee is how much time we have. I’d bet if you ask some of the most wealthiest people or really anyone who might be older than you what they wish they had more of I’m 100% certain they’d tell you more ‘Time’. You can’t buy it and it’s not renewable. Additionally, I’d bet they would tell you to do what makes you happy with those who make you happy and don’t wait.

We’re grateful that more than 2 years ago we ‘woke up’ and realized we didn’t have to live our life a certain way and that the most valuable thing isn’t a thing at all…It’s OUR TIME.

How valuable is your time?

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