We've arrived in Texas!
Our RV Life Journey

Our Early Impressions of Texas, 2 Weeks In…

Early Impressions of Texas, 2 weeks in…

RV Living in Texas

~ While we haven’t seen much of the sun since we arrived, we’ve gotten a glimpse of how epic the sunsets are.

~ Texans LOVE their Donuts. No joke, every corner or intersection you can find a donut shop open for business.

~ It’s true y’all, EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas. Driving our F-350 around town, we fit right in. Big and bigger trucks are everywhere.

~ Supposedly the “Texas Way” promotes friendly driving. We’ve yet to experience that. Much of the same honestly.

~ Speaking of driving, apparently the ‘slow’ lane is the left lane and everyone passes on the right around here.

~ Everything is ‘smoked’. At the deli getting my sandwich meat for lunches this week, my choices were smoked BBQ turkey, smoked herb turkey, BBQ Smoked chicken, smoked Gouda cheese, etc. It’s ALL DELICIOUS.

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