Our RV Life Journey

Our RV Journey Is Likely Different Than Many Others Journey

We never Glamp alone…

Many of you know by now that we are an atypical RV couple. We are mostly stationary. Every 3 months (sometimes 6 months) we are in a specific area and ALWAYS stay at campgrounds with amenities. Conversely, the typical RV couple travels extensively, many times they boondock, and explores regularly.

Our journey might look a little different than many others inside the RV Community

> For the most part, being fulltimers who are stationary, is kind of boring. For us, it’s business as usual. Work, exercise, walk the dogs, food prep, read, maybe watch a little Netflix, repeat.
> We’re RV’ing our dream of Financial Independence. We’re weird. We’re aggressively saving our money to be financially independent and this has to be intentional. We track everything! We’re also weird in the fact that we still balance a checkbook and take pictures of all our receipts. You know what our biggest expense is? FOOD.
> We collect rescue dogs in every area we travel to. Lol, no not really but we try to save them all. These 2 former rescues (+1 stray) happen to be from Mississippi, Tennessee, & Texas. In that order.
> We chose RV Life intentionally. Meredith takes contracts assignments all over the country as a Locums CRNA, so we wanted to keep our ‘home’ the same, we wanted our bed to be the same, etc. Living in places where we don’t know anyone and using GPS every time we go somewhere, it’s nice knowing our home doesn’t change.
> We chose a 5th Wheel because as fulltimers, we wanted the space without spending a fortune. Seriously, have you seen the price of most Motorhomes!?! Chappie is 42 feet in length and I still manage to hit my head, my elbows, my knees, etc.
> We don’t have a generator or solar panels, or any other boondocking necessities. We don’t have the need. We stay connected to the campgrounds electricity and water all of the time. Maybe one day once we’ve achieved our financial freedom we can take off and experience the glorious world of boondocking.
> Will we keep the RV once we finish our journey? Probably. At the very least, we’ll likely downsize just a bit.

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