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Prior Considerations Before Joining the RV Lifestyle

There are basically two camps of people who join the RV Lifestyle. One camp has RV’d before, either with family, friends, or on a part time basis. The other camp (like us) joined cold turkey. Going all in without having RV’d before. Arguably, the camp who has RV’d prior to going Fulltime likely has a few kinks already worked out. What I can tell you from our humbling beginnings is that we should have taken several weekend getaways before we went fulltime. Here’s some other things to consider before taking the fulltime RV’er plunge:

1. Ask questions at the RV dealer who is selling you your rig. The “walk-through” isn’t enough. Find out how to setup your rig for city water connections, how to fill the fresh water tanks for boondocking, and simulating how to connect the rig to your truck (if going the 5th wheel/travel trailer route).

2. “Camp” overnight at the RV dealer before you sign the sales contract. Many dealers give you the option to spend the night in your rig as a “test drive” before you buy. Take it.

3. Buy more truck than you need. Ok I was hesitant to recommend this, but after fulltiming it for 29 months now, we’ve seen so many instances where the rig is too much for the truck pulling it. If your plan is to travel frequently instead of being stationary, your truck needs to have more than sufficient power to tow your rig safely. Also ask your RV dealer which hitches & sway bars to consider for optimum safety. This doesn’t mean you need a $100k truck brand new, I simply mean that understanding GVWR and towing capacity are questions you need answers for. Once you have those answers, buying a nice older truck that meets the requirements will do the trick.

The worst thing you can do before going Fulltime…

Is rushing into it without asking questions, doing research, attending RV shows, camping with friends, etc. Take it from us, the first 3 months of our journey ended up being the school of hard knocks. We didn’t do as much preparation as we should have in the beginning and it showed. It was more challenging than it needed to be.

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