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RV Life and Expecting Your First Child

Prepping the RV for baby…

We know the majority of you follow us related to RV life, travel, and finances. We intend to keep those topics in our posts, but we may slip a baby post in there a time or two 😉💗.  We follow so many RV families; So many with toddlers and we absolutely love seeing what all of you have done to accommodate a small space for babies and toddlers (and even some with doggos like us).

We already mentioned that we are waiting to find out whether it’s a boy or girl on delivery day, but that hasn’t stopped a couple of questions we’ve received

1. How long are you going to raise a baby in such a small space?
2. What is the theme of the baby’s ‘room’ since you aren’t finding out until delivery day?

Maybe we’re naïve, but…

In 2 years of travel we’ve realized what little we actually need. We’re keeping that same mindset for baby too. As it relates to the small space, we’re fortunate to have a bunkroom in our 5th wheel, which we plan to overhaul with the necessities. It will be the baby’s ‘room’. We have a few plans for changes in our bedroom as well. We don’t have lengthy plans to stay in the RV once baby arrives, but tiny living isn’t over for us just yet.

Since we love all animals, baby’s room will be decorated with animals. Mostly sloths 🦥. Lol. We love sloths. From a color standpoint, we aren’t doing any painting or anything like that in the RV. We’re keeping it simple.

In the living area of the RV is where we’ve done the most changes so far.

We moved the rocker to a better spot since we’ll likely spend a good bit of time in it and ultimately asked our pups if they were ok with downsizing their ginormous bed to 3 smaller and more space efficient beds. They don’t seem to mind much. We actually love this layout as it seems more open, which sounds strange in a RV, but it’s true.

To our fulltime RV families with young toddlers, drop your most important pro-tip in our comments for new parents in a tiny space.

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