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RV Life and Our Future Plans

Blue, Chloe, & Duke thank all of you for sharing in our new addition excitement from this weekend!

Some of you might be wondering….what’s next? Specifically, “will you continue RV Life after baby comes”?

The short answer: Yes.

We’re currently in the process of reorganizing the RV to accommodate the little one. Since we have a bunk room in the RV, we’ll be converting it to the ‘nursery room’. As it sits now, it’s our office/equipment/anything else room. We already have some framed animal art that we’ve hung up on the walls.

“Have you found out if it’s a boy or girl”?

No. It’s going to be a surprise for us on delivery day. We’re Saving something special for the both of us on that day. Our focus is healthy momma and healthy baby.

“What’s the future look like for the both of you related to RV Life, work, travels, etc”?

We will likely stop RV Life at some point and have started looking at places to settle in. We have about 4 states that we’re considering, 2 in particular. As much as we’ve love RV Life, it’s almost time for us to hang up our fulltime travels. We’ll still be RV’ers, but likely weekend warriors and part timers. As for work, we’ve rapidly saved as many pennies to our savings/emergency fund so that once baby is here, we both can take time together to help each other and spend as much time with our little muffin as possible. As for travel, once we get settled in somewhere and everyone is happy and healthy, we’ll plan some trips because exploring is still absolutely important to us!

Over the course of the next few months, we’ll show our RV for baby conversions and additions. Thank you all for the love 💗!

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