Our RV Life Journey

RV’ing and Cooking Tiny

Has many unique challenges, but thanks to this lady’s talent, we eat really good home cooked meals that are both healthy and delicious!

We use the heck out of our little stove and oven…

Here’s a pro-tip about baking in your tiny RV oven: Invest in a Pizza stone to help disperse and spread the heat evenly. RV ovens can burn food in the center while leaving the edges uncooked and not finished. It can be quite frustrating! We found our tiny pizza stone at Williams Sonoma.

Having non-propane based cooking tools are lifesavers…

We’re talking about hot plates and griddles. We use our griddle regularly for cooking pancakes and bacon. Griddles are awesome during the summertime because if you are in southern states, the propane can make the inside of your RV like a sauna!

But the ultimate device for RV’ers, Vanlifers, etc is an Instant Pot…

We use our 6 quart Instant Pot every week. We actually have a space in a cabinet for it, but we use it so much we never put it away. There are days we wish to have the 8 quart, but the 6 quart gets the job done for the 2 of us. If your are living tiny and like to cook healthy, an Instant Pot is 100% the way to go.

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