Our RV Life Journey

RV’ing the Dream

Some say, “Why?”, others say, “No Way”!, many have said, “That’s my Dream”!

In 2018, we said, “Why Not?”.

It happened relatively fast, I suppose you could say. RV Life didn’t choose us, we chose it…and in the beginning we were waaaay over our heads. But as time passed, we’ve learned and are still learning; such is life. Truth is, we’ve always wanted to include “Special Skills” on our resumes and now we absolutely can (and will). 😂. Could read like this: “Experienced truck driver with towing loads exceeding 18,000 pounds”. Or, “Ability to handle consistent changes and stressful situations”. How about this one? “Extremely efficient at water conservation”. Lol 😂🙌🏻. Many opportunities there!

RV’ing the Dream….On Hold

Hard to believe that our RV is sitting in storage for the last 2 weeks. Hard to believe that life changed faster 2 weeks ago than it did back in 2018. We miss it. Had it not been for this 42 foot home on wheels, our lives would have continued either way, but it has given us a fighting chance to financially survive this pandemic. Something that might not be true if we hadn’t taken the plunge.

New Normals…Filled with Support

This pandemic will likely change many things & disrupt what we considered normal. We hope that as a country we find our way to a new normal. One filled with positivity, love, kindness, support, change, better health, and stronger financial practices. A renewed understanding to live life and not just exist.

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