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Sights, Sounds, & Smells of the Campground

They change just the like scenery of every new place we go.

True story, not all campgrounds are created equal. Ask any RV’er, some will tell you for every campground they enjoyed, they also had an experience that wasn’t so enjoyable. For us, we’re semi-stationary usually for at least 3 months. That means we 𝙍𝙀𝘼𝙇𝙇𝙔 get to know places. Most places you have somewhat of a trade off type of scenario, simply meaning you have certain things that are nice and then other things…that, well…could be better.

Last year we spent 9 months at the KOA in Williamsburg. Let me just say there’s so many campgrounds out there that We truly believe it’s impossible to visit them all, BUT this KOA was AMAZING. Here’s some highlights:

> Bald Eagles 🦅 flew around the campground.
> It has nature trails all through the resort.
> It has 2 separate campgrounds. 1 for short term’ers & 1 for us long term’ers. It really helped keep things nice and quiet for work.
> The York River State Park is right down the street from it.
> Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown, & Jamestown are all within MINUTES from the campground.

Then you have campgrounds like the one here in East Texas. NOT terrible, but…

> We do have a huge slip with big space between our neighbors.

> The slip is concrete (yay no mud!) and we have a nice picnic table.

> Absolutely no trees for shade, although we also aren’t at risk for trees falling through the RV so that’s good.

> 2 beautiful ponds with turtles & geese with new goslings.

> Camping World is across the street.

> It’s a gated RV Resort. I know…fancy.

Here’s the less desirable:

> They put the swimming pool right next to a Water Treatment Plant. Yep 💩.
> We have short term’ers come and go right next to us regularly. For the most part this isn’t too bad.
> This campground is stray dog central (most of you know this by now)
> We’re at least a 30min drive into town, great for noise, not so great for errands.

As Fulltimers like us, you tend to get used to things, but the water treatment plant smell? Nah 🤢.

Where was your most memorable campground? Good or bad?

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