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Temporary Residents as Fulltime RV’ers

Texas Resident Tourists…

Hard to believe that we’ve been in Texas since Feb 2020 (except for that 50 days where we escaped to our cabin in Tennessee).

For those who don’t know by now, we’re mostly stationary fulltime RV’ers. Typically, we’re in a particular area 3-6 months at a time. We actually love this format. In many ways it feels like we have become residents in these areas. We make friends, connections, and really get to explore all that each area has to offer.

Here in Texas, we’ve been fortunate to make some connections with like-minded people who have welcomed us with open arms.  From professional connections to gym connections, we’ve enjoyed making lasting friends here in East Texas!

Temporary Texas residents

Sadly, this year we haven’t had the opportunity to visit as many places here in Texas as we’d like, but we have enjoyed the places that we’ve had the opportunity to explore.  We’ve traveled to South Padre Island for a week of relaxation and some much needed Vitamin D this past summer and we thoroughly enjoyed the beach.  It was amazing knowing that we were only a stones throw from Mexico!

What’s next?

With our little muffin on the way, we’ll be here in Texas for awhile as we start getting organized to be parents in just a few months.

Who else is typically in areas for an extended period of time?

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