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The RV Lifestyle: Our Roots are Made of Rubber

For now.

Most of you saw that we are selling our home on wheels which comes with a variety of emotions, but we are mostly happy about our decision. It’s time. We became fulltimers without ever having partime’d. We went full steam ahead on towing a 18,000 pound 42 foot RV without ever towing anything bigger than a Jetski beforehand. We committed ourselves to the RV Lifestyle after deciding the American Dream wasn’t the same for everyone. Most importantly, we accomplished our goals through RV Life, but just because RV Life is ending, our goals are not.

RV Life unlocked new goals for us and paved way for us to reach them. To put it simply, RV Life turned our dreams into a reality.

But as much as we’ve enjoyed the RV Lifestyle…We aren’t “Lifers”.

At least from a fulltime standpoint. We’ll likely revisit RV’ing as weekend warriors and even most summers as part of our future FIRE lifestyle, But we’re ready for a homestead.

Truth is…

When we started it was Meredith, me, Chloe (Lab/Husky) & Duke (GSD) and 42 feet seemed like a great size for us. 900 days later we added another dog and our baby girl Eleanor. Now 42 feet is cramped and we really need a yard for the dogs. Equally, the Pandemic took the air right out of our tires. Being stationary for so long isn’t a bad thing per se, but there are so many places we didn’t get the opportunity to visit. The good news is, now we get to experience those places in the future with Eleanor.

For most who join the RV Lifestyle, travel and exploring are their primary objectives. For us, that was second to our debt free and financial independence goals.

What does the RV Lifestyle mean to you?

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