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Things to Consider When Buying a Truck to Pull Your RV

“What kind of truck should I get to pull my RV”?

Next to floor plans and finding the right RV, the question above is one of the most asked questions. If you haven’t listened to it yet, our friends @adventures_with_tucknae and I discuss this topic on Episode 2 of our Podcast, but we’ll share some high level notes in this post (we’re highlighting 5th wheels for the purpose of this post):

Related to your RV

5th Wheel: Dually or No Dually? (DRW) vs Single Rear Wheel (SRW). This will vary. But we used the >39 vs <39 feet in length plan. If you plan to pull your 5th wheel (not including Toy Haulers) and it’s >39 feet, we’d suggest a 1 Ton, Long Bed Diesel. If <39 feet, a 3-quarter ton diesel should be considered. If you want a Dually, it’s certainly up to you as it’s possible to get a stronger axle ratio and more weight distribution with a dually.

> Toy Hauler: Same as above, although, this is just personal opinion, I’d strongly suggest a 1 ton diesel dually (DRW). Toy haulers can be significantly heavier in total weight and most have a triple axle. Having the dually will help pull it safely.

> GVWR: It is the maximum loaded weight of your vehicle (or trailer), as determined by the manufacturer. GVWR isn’t just the weight of passengers and cargo but also the vehicle itself.

Some other truck specific things to consider

Long or Short Bed Truck? Personal preference here, but I’d make a strong argument for a long bed. We have plenty of room to hook up the hitch and store our bikes, plants, etc in the bed as well. Additionally, it makes turns a bit easier as well.

> Andersen Hitch vs Standard 5th Wheel Hitch? I’m adding my vote for Andersen Hitches. Yes, they are about $1300-$1500 more, BUT I promise they are worth it. If you are buying a truck without a current hitch already mounted, definitely consider the Andersen. It’s setup just like a regular hitch and ball that makes connecting to your 5th wheel possible for virtually any angle. Something not possible with the standard hitch. But again, cost can be a factor, but as newbies back in 2018, the Andersen helped us tremendously.

Most important step? Do your research & take your time.  Don’t rush into the decision of which truck to buy.  Understand what you need versus what you want.

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