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RV Life: Time for an Update!

We are on the Road!

It has been a ridiculously busy month but we finally made it to Virginia Beach! Ridding and downsizing was harder than we expected. We spent A LOT of time going through closets, dressers, and our filing cabinet. We shredded, donated and trashed many things. We did get a storage unit for the items we simply could not part with. BUT I am happy to report; I managed to convince Brett we should shred the paystubs he’s collected since 1997! Packing was intense and stressful. Of course my work schedule was insane the week leading up to the move. Being on call and working overtime did not help being prepared for our movers later that week. I was still frantically deconstructing bedframes when the moving company arrived on our doorstep Sunday afternoon. We actually postponed our departure by one day. Thankfully my parents drove up to Nashville to help and provide moral support. I would be lying if I said Brett and I were not emotional standing in our empty house. Our last night in our beautiful home was spent with eyes full of tears. Even our puppies seemed to be depressed. Seeing them snuggled up together in the middle of an empty living room floor pulled on some heartstrings. Duke man, of course, refused to eat that night! Oh and a mysterious wart like bump appeared on Duke’s lower gum/lip. Soooo the morning of our departure day, the Duke man and I took a little trip to our veterinarian and he was diagnosed with a papilloma virus. Our vet said he was most likely exposed to the virus some time ago but the stress he is currently under could be the reason this wart/bump appeared. The vet said it was nothing to worry about and to keep an eye on it. Our poor puppies…I’m not happy that their little routine and world is changing and it is obviously affecting them. I am happy to report; as of today the bump is gone and they both have settled into their new routines nicely! Later that day Brett and I officially hit the road! Brett handled pulling our fifth wheeler like a super star! I was so proud of him!
Our first night in the camper…boxes everywhere, a bed with no bed sheets, and NO HOT WATER!!!! A long day and no hot water!!!! I took an ice-cold P.T.A. shower…better than nothing! (If you don’t know what that means….Google it please, I really don’t want to explain it). We later discovered the lack of hot water was simply due to a lack of time for the electric heater to heat up our tank. It took us about 12 hours to get to Virginia Beach. We split up the drive into two days. It was actually a smooth trip. Interstate 81 had an insane amount of 18-wheelers, which made Brett and I nervous. I think the stress and the nerves finally got the best of Brett by the time we arrived at the Virginia beach KOA. Trying to park a 42-foot camper in the dark and not take down a few trees was a huge challenge for this pair of newbie RVer’s. We finally got the RV parked successfully and then it happened while we were leveling the camper…Brett had a melt down. It wasn’t pretty but thankfully my parents and I managed to convince Brett not to head back to Nashville. Some donuts and coffee the next day seemed to raise everyone’s sprits. He wasn’t alone in the melt down arena. After unpacking the RV and desperately attempting to organize our new tiny home I couldn’t find the CRNA contact for my new job. This was Sunday afternoon and I was to report to this new job/hospital the next morning. I had no clue where to park or where the operating room was located. I NEEDED this contact information. I must have somehow permanently deleted it from my email!!! I have done this in the past and I somehow did it again!!!! Luckily after a mini “freak-out” I realized that my Anesthesia recruitment agency had an emergency line. One quick phone call and I had my CRNA contact information once again.
Thus far the new job has been great and everyone has been so welcoming which has made the adjustment to “traveling CRNA” very easy. We have even been fortunate enough to have family close by, which we both think has been a huge blessing. We spent Thanksgiving catching up with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. It was such a memorable day! It also helped alleviate the homesick feelings that were starting to brew. Presently, Brett and I are settling into a routine and although we have hit a few bumps…black water tank bumps…(I’ll let Brett explain later) we are managing to adjust to this new lifestyle.



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