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Trouble with Our Truck

Y’all, we are so thankful to have our truck back and able to get back on the road!
We decided to hit the road late this afternoon to gain some more ground to make up for lost time. We thought we could make the full 9 hour drive from Conyers, GA to VA Beach, but decided it would be wise to setup shop in Fayetteville, NC for the night. Tomorrow we can get up eat breakfast & be home in 4 hours. We can’t wait to get back to “Chappie” (our RV).
It’s been a tough pill to swallow forking out $4100 to replace the high pressure fuel injector on the F-3Fiddy. Especially coming back from vacation and Meredith being in-between assignments. March is an expensive month. Lol. The week we spent at our cabin resulted in us spending $4500 on an all new HVAC to replace the original unit that was dead and costing us hundreds each month on electricity. 2 huge expenses in one month, but we build contingencies each month to somewhat be prepared for these situations.
Also, can’t wait to get back to our food & fitness regiment!

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