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What It’s Like to RV During a Global Pandemic

So, What Is It Like to Be a Fulltime RV’er During a Global Pandemic?

It isn’t much different than normal times as we’re basically socially distanced anyways, but part of being a fulltime RV’er is the ability to explore all the new areas we travel to and with a Pandemic without a vaccine or cure impedes our ability to do this successfully.  Even though we’re mostly stationary every 3 months at a time, we thoroughly enjoy trying new restaurants and exciting tourist places wherever we are and COVID has simply screwed that up.  Amongst many things.

Limited Ability to Explore and Try New Restaurant

We don’t eat at restaurants at all. We have on a few occasions called in take out for curbside delivery. Which as travelers to new areas and foodies, part of our favorite experiences is trying new and unique restaurants in the places we travel to.  We always liked to hike and explore outdoors, but now we do much more, especially with our dogs. (EXCEPT when it’s 110 degrees out here in TEXAS!!)

Money Habits and Hard to Find Supplies

Finding Scott’s RV toilet paper is damn near impossible. Seriously. Thetford makes a “softer premium” version that is supposed to be comparable, but it ISN’T. We usually get Scott’s at Walmart, but it’s always sold out.  Spending more time at our RV. Which is a good thing, but there are times you can feel like you have compartmental syndrome. We watch more TV than we used to nowadays.  Saving more money now. The money saved from not eating out & traveling has been invested to build our future. No lazy money around here.

Finding New Hobbies and Building a Business

Reading has become much more important than before. Since I’m (Brett) trying time build a business and we’re interested in financial freedom, we research, read, & educate ourselves as much as possible now.  The news can be awfully toxic these days, but for every bad news article, we read (or try to find) 2 good news articles. Although grim, there’s still some good news out there.

Grocery Store Runs and Discussions on the Future

Our most frequented outing now includes weekly grocery store runs every 7 days. We limit our exposure as much as possible by buying 7 days worth of groceries each week.  Plotting, planning, and discussing our future is absolutely critical. Truth be told, we always did this, but now it’s a point of emphasis to remind us why we are RV’ers. To live life as much as possible. Most of our sentences start with…”When ‘Rona is gone I can’t wait to do”….Anyone else do this?

We pray for everyone to stay safe during these times! Stay tough & continue planning your future! Stay focused!

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