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Williamsburg KOA in Williamsburg, Virginia

It’s no secret…

We have a love affair with Williamsburg, VA. This was November 2019 and this was our daily view while walking the dogs…At our campground.

In fact, there hasn’t been another place we’ve stayed at as beautiful as this campground. We shared property with bald eagles, hawks, deer, and an awesome trail system that was on property. There weren’t many days spent inside I can tell you that much.

We had never heard the sound of a bald eagle before. When they took off from a nearby tree, the sound of their wings flapping as they built momentum was amazing.

If you ever find yourself in the Williamsburg, VA area, we cannot recommend @williamsburgkoa enough. We 100% recommend visiting during October/November. It was the most beautiful time of year. Watching the leaves change to these golden hues was breathtaking and it reminded us of exactly why we started our journey.

Have you ever traveled somewhere that leaves a lasting memory like Williamsburg did to us?

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