Our RV Life Journey

Winter Plans as Fulltime RV’ers

It’s now October and we have made our plans for the winter which means that…

Spending Fall and Winter in Texas…

So many plans have changed throughout this year that we’ve ultimately decided to stay right here in Texas. Last year we spent our Fall and Winter in Virginia and it was amazing!

Temperature changes and managing it inside the RV

As the temperatures start to drop, we are starting to remove the Reflectix window coverings we used to keep the inside of the RV cool for the summer. It’s great having that natural light again! We’re also in that weird time of year where at night we need the heater and during the day we need the A/C.

Texas has been good to us

Even though COVID completely derailed many of our plans for 2020, we’re thankful for the state of Texas for providing us a home and a consistent paycheck despite Brett loosing his contract back in March.  Thankfully, Meredith’s contract was renewed and has continued to be extended.  The people here in East Texas have been amazing and we’re fortunate to have made many new friends during our time here!

What’s your plans for winter in your RV?

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