Our Smoky Mountain Cabin

99% Booked

I shared this to our stories recently, but for the first time since opening our vacation cabin to guests as a vacation rental back in May of 2018, we reached 100% occupancy in at least one month. June and July as well as October are our biggest and busiest months. For this year, the month of June makes up 100% occupancy and July sits at 98%. Only 1 night available in July. That averages to 99% during our two busiest months and let me tell you it’s exciting.

This didn’t come easy though…

In order to meet an occupancy north of 80% with a 3-night minimum, sometimes you have to get creative with marketing, messaging, and the big one…pricing. Something we benefit from with regards to pricing is because we purchased our 1200 square foot rustic cabin needing significant repairs and improvements during a downtime in real estate, we have incredibly low monthly expenses. In fact, the biggest expense we encounter each month isn’t our mortgage payment. Our cleaning & maintenance team’s cost on average surpasses our mortgage. However, we closely break even on this expense by including a cleaning fee in our cabin’s listing.

Because of our low expenses…

We can be quite creative and flexible with our pricing per night for potential guests. Some owners have a specific number they need to hit in order to be both competitive & beneficial for cash flow purposes. With low expenses and the ability to flex on prices when others can’t, makes it easier for us to be ultra competitive with other cabin owners in an already ultra competitive market.

We also invest a significant amount of sweat equity and regular improvements. Something other owners may not do. Being a vacation rental owner is thrilling, but make no mistake, understanding the numbers is of utmost importance. Pricing drives every aspect of your success (your cleaning team too) for cash flow. Especially in a high inflationary period that we’re living in now.

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