Our Smoky Mountain Cabin

What a Scare…

I’m not sure either of us took any breaths last week with the raging wildfires that burned more than 2,600 acres and damaged 300 cabins and homes near our vacation home in the Smoky Mountains.

One minute you see the emergency management team state that the winds have gusts up to 80mph, the next minute you see helicopters including blackhawks filling up water in large buckets doing what they can to manage the fires from above, then you review your home owners insurance policy because you fear the worst, finally, you see the countless firefighters and emergency responders sleeping in their full gear in their trucks after spending hours trying to contain them.

Only later to receive multiple texts that our cabin and resort are now in a mandatory evacuation zone with multiple guests set to check in. Then you see images of cabins completely burned leaving only the center block foundations remaining and your heart breaks for those affected.

You see, all it takes is one gust of wind to carry embers elsewhere. It only takes a few mins to watch as a new area catches fire. You see, you can never be prepared for situations outside of your control.

Thankfully, we were spared from the devastation others are dealing with today. We are grateful for our emergency responders, our emergency management team, our cleaning team, residents of the area, volunteers, and anyone else that worked to contain and put out these fires.

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