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What’s It Like Maintaining a Vacation Rental?

It’s a costly adventure. 2 years ago in March of 2020, we paid $8k to have the entire cabin pressure washed and a fresh coat (multiple) of wood stain. We also had many carpenter bee holes and damaged repaired as well. Carpenter bees are notorious in our area and they will eat the wood. All of this A necessary expense, but one that we didn’t immediately pursue when we bought in 2017. If you are shopping cabins as a vacation rental, here’s a protip, find out the last time it was stained. If it was greater than 7 years ago, renegotiate your offer with the seller. Staining preserves your wood from the elements and keeps your cabin looking new.

We waited almost 3 years to complete this work…

Somewhat intentional, but probably should have been done sooner. We decided to wait in order to leverage our net income from rentals to cover the $8k cost. Remember, upkeep and maintenance will be your biggest expenses with vacation rentals due to high turnover compared with long term rentals, so running a strong monthly budget is key to your success.

This year we will hopefully add some new character with some changes and minor renovations that didn’t get completed in 2021.

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