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RV’ing and Pregnancy: 26 Weeks, 2 Weeks Until Our 3rd Trimester!

Wow, time is simply flying by! We’re now two weeks from our 3rd Trimester and we’ve been busy ‘shopping’ for baby. But ONLY what we need 😉.

Our muffin is very active when it’s time to eat and every time baby is on the move, I quickly put my hands on Meredith’s belly to feel the kicks! I’ve felt a few, but I think baby likes to play coy with me 🥰.

As we head into Thanksgiving next week, we have so much to be thankful for. To call our little bundle of happiness the silver lining of this year is a massive understatement.

“Wealth is a small blessing, health is a great asset, happiness is an extraordinary treasure, and life is a remarkable reward”. —Matshona Dhliwayo


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