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RV’ing and Pregnancy: 29 Weeks, 205 Days…Counting Down Until Delivery Day!

10 weeks and 5 days to until we meet our little nomad…not that we’re counting down or anything because we’re still diligently getting things done around the RV. Let me just say, finding what you need for a baby isn’t the challenge. Finding what you need for a baby that will fit in your RV is the real challenge. 👆🏻

We ordered a bassinet that we thought would fit over the side of our bed, however it didn’t work out. We did receive our stroller & car seat as well as some other goodies. Back in 2018, we didn’t realize purchasing the mid-bunk layout in our RV would later become baby’s nursery, but we’re glad it has worked out this way. Thanks to our friend @hikinghankley she Introduced us to @our_realife who has been raising their beautiful toddler in their gorgeous Airstream. This community is amazing because we all lean in and help each other out! ❣️

Baby has GROWN! Just a few weeks ago, baby weighed 1.5 pounds but as of last week, our baby weighs 3 pounds! 💪🏻. Our little muffin’s eyes are fully open scoping out their environment 🥰. Since this is our 1st, we’ve been attending remote classes to better prepare us once baby arrives!

Our travels have essentially paused at this point as most of our time is dedicated to getting things ready, but rest assured as soon as mom and baby are ok to travel, we’ll be exploring again, but this time as a party of 3! (Or 6 with our furry children 🐕 🐶 🐕)

Anyone taken guesses on if it’s a boy or a girl? 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️. What do you think we’ll have?

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