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7 Months Since our Renovation Began

We’ve come along way…

We closed on our 116 year old home in December of 2021. It’s was an estate sale with 5 siblings, which we will tell you was quite the daunting process when dealing with that many heirs/siblings. Just before closing, we had already lined up a husband/wife/son contractor & designer company to begin work in January of 2022.

That didn’t happen. Just before Christmas, a local news article broke about our contractor & designer that stated, “local women pleads guilty to wire fraud & theft of 15 MILLION dollars”. 😮. Speechless, we didn’t know what to do. We had given them a deposit of $12k that we were certain we lost.

However, a month later in February, we got our deposit back…luckily. But now, we had to start the contractor search again. By mid-February, we found one & a damn good one too. We also lined up a new designer and both would begin efforts on March 1st. Because we were making structural changes to the stairs, we also hired a local architect to help us design it.

March, April, & May went by with a ton of changes, designs, and driving to and from our property. We were excited to see so many changes happening. But in the midst of those changes, the project moved too quickly for our architect & his efforts just didn’t match what we needed, so we parted ways mid-April.

June & July brought us a few unexpected challenges, but thankfully for our contractor he kept things moving forward. We also lost contact with our designer, not by choice, she just seemed to disconnect from our project.

So we’re Starting off August with interviewing a new designer to help us close everything out. It’s crunch time as we have chosen a few finishes, but the time it takes to do this we just don’t have. We’ve sketched, designed, & researched quite a bit up until this point, but we’ll need a pro to help us tie it altogether. We’re hoping for a big month of August!


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