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An Interesting Plight

Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery…

And I try to imitate her faces daily. Lol.

Being parents is an interesting plight. One minute it’s survival, the next minute it’s smiles, and another minute it’s sass. You always feel like you are one step behind working desperately to catch up. Just when you think you’ve caught up you realize you’re actually way behind on something else. People tell you “don’t blink”.

Being new parents is like making a budget for the first time…

Confused, how do we do this? Where do we start? We have to do what? Oh God, when does this end? Except instead of finances exclusively within a typical budget, this new parental budget consists of balancing time. Balancing patience. Balancing freedom. Balancing YOU. Balancing each other. And just like a typical budget, you almost always miss something.

While we still haven’t quite found the balance to all the things mentioned above…

We’re getting there. With a typical budget for finances, the greatest thing to come out of it is the peace of mind you feel once you’ve established your budgeting routine, even if you still have “more month than money”. With our parental budget, it’s like planning for 28 hour days when there’s only 24 and instead of building a budget one month at a time, you’re building quarterly budgets. Because TIME moves that quickly.

And because TIME moves that quickly, it’s imperative to budget your TIME accordingly.

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