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C.O.V.I.D and Finding Jobs

In order to know where you’re going, sometimes you have to revisit somewhere you’ve already been…

After 384 Days of a C-O-V-I-D induced unemployment, I finally landed a J-O-B! I cannot tell you how many interviews I’ve had, nor did I keep count of how many applications I filled out. I cannot tell you how many times I updated my resume, nor can I tell you how many times I was rejected. None of it compares to the amount of hours I spent dedicated to it.

Because it only takes one chance for all those struggles to disappear. Just one.

The power of the Golden Rule…

You know it, right? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Do you know what stands out more than any education or experience you have on a resume? People. Connections. Folks who know you that you’ve helped in the past. I live by that Golden Rule and if not for that Golden Rule, I’d might not have this new opportunity.

New opportunity built from original beginnings…

This opportunity happens to be in a similar role that I once had a decade ago when I first started my healthcare IT career, but at a completely different company this time around. I was 27 & now I’m 37. 27 year old me was fresh, eager, & determined. 37 year old me is still all of those things, but maybe not so fresh and definitely more humble. This opportunity is different though, it means more. Once you have enough rejections, it can certainly do a number on your mental health & overall confidence. I’ve always considered myself to be mentally strong, but these last few months challenged me. I’m thankful I finally found a place where I’ll fit in.

Time to shake the dust off…

Because I have a daughter who I wish to make proud to call me dad, show her what resiliency is all about, and I can’t wait to teach her how the Golden Rule will never fail.

Even in today’s society.

To those on the hunt for your next chance, don’t give up hope. Take it One day at a time. Reach out to new and old connections. Things happen for a reason and if you make enough things happen, you’ll find your reason.


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