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Can you Travel as RV’ers with a Newborn and Dogs?

“Dad, when are we going to have a fenced in yard to call our own”?

Me: “No idea guys, one day. We’re working on it”.

People have the tendency to show and share the positives of RV Life which they should because there are MANY. We’ve done our best to share the less than glamorous and common struggles with fulltime RV Life over the last couple of years. One such struggle is space for our nomadic doggos.

In the beginning…

There were 4 of us. Space wasn’t of concern because with a 42 foot 5th Wheel it didn’t feel cramped. Ok maybe a little bit, but it was completely manageable. Flash forward to today…

Still have 42 feet, but we added another big dog and a human.

The human is tiny, but needs her space. We love the setup we have and it’s functional, but 3 dogs have the tendency to be LOUD. Especially annoying when baby needs to nap throughout the day. The dogs are well behaved, but you know…they’re still dogs.

In case anyone who isn’t fulltime RV’ers…

Reads this and is contemplating joining the lifestyle, can you travel fulltime with multiple dogs?


Can you RV & travel with a newborn?


Can you travel with 3 big dogs, 1 newborn, & 2 adults?


It’s totally doable, but will depend on many factors. For us, we didn’t intend to add a 3rd dog and God blessed us with our sweet Eleanor. Sure we could keep on living the RV Lifestyle, but it comes down to other items we miss and need today. A covered porch and a fenced in backyard immediately come to mind.

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