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Censor Less and Express More

In this day and age it takes an extensive uphill climb to express our ideas…

Equally, the fear of rejection can lead our ideas to a quick descent. Maybe it isn’t the fear of rejection at all? Maybe it’s the fear of being silenced or censored? Maybe it’s the fear that when a line is drawn in the sand, you have to choose a side?

We’ve been pretty open here on the ‘Gram…

But we still reserve some of our ideas between us. It isn’t necessarily a fear of any of the above, it’s simply that some ideas are best shared and expressed with those closest to us. Original ideas are hard to come by, especially inside of social media. So much of what we see follows an algorithm, lines of code that execute based on topics, themes, subjects, words, & people we engage with. Especially those pesky ads that appear after you whisper the words “Ford Bronco” 😉.

Admittedly, some ideas are so epic you just have to share, regardless of the outcome. What’s even more epic is seeing your idea blossom into something more than you ever imagined. It’s like an adrenaline rush after riding that 70 mph rollercoaster. Most of you know our story by now, at least some of the bigger pieces. I mean, when we first thought “yeah let’s live in a RV to pay off debt” sounded both epic and crazy. I remember thinking, “people are going to tell us we’re nuts”.

Truth be told…

Some did, but only when we told them it’s our first time to RV, or this is the first time pulling such a huge RV. Rightfully so, maybe we should have signed up for a free week trial and practiced first? Lol. But beyond that, most people, including our families were really receptive to the idea. Many of which completely supported it. Once you have the support, sharing an idea comes easily.


We all have them, right? Honestly, I have at least 3 I can think of at this moment. While we will never regret our decision to originally follow life’s status quo, omitting our idea to live tiny in our RV would have been our greatest regret. Our “let’s go RV’ing to pay off debt” idea has changed every fabric of our life.

An idea we’ll celebrate for the rest of our days.

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