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Don’t Blink

I’m not sure how to say this, but…

When you become a parent time moves slow & quick at the same damn time. Doesn’t quite make sense, but it’s true.

The days seem to drag…
The weeks barely budge…
The months move faster…
But the YEARS move quickest.

11 months ago, we found ourselves blessed with this brown eyed beauty and next month we’ll celebrate day 365, month 12, and year 1.

Months 1 – 4 were definitely the hardest.
Months 5 – 8 were better.
Months 9 – 11 have been the best.

It’s truly amazing watching and witnessing the learning process everyday as a parent. Yes, you are challenged in some ways, but blessed no matter what. There’s nothing more valuable than hearing your child call out to you, even if she only knows momma & dada at this point.

Happy 11th month baby E!

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