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Experiences Over Things

I don’t know man….kind of feels like we’re spoiling her…

With experiences! You want to know something? This was the plan all along. We knew if God blessed us to be parents that our child would live a life full of new experiences. It’s who we are, it’s who all of us are and it’s exactly how it should be. Eleanor has traveled through 5 different states, visited 3 different ones, soaked up some vitamin D at the beach, traded in her flip flops for hiking boots at our cabin in the mountains, and now enjoying the cool morning breeze blowing through her peach fuzz at this lakehouse we’ve booked for the month of June. And she’s not even 4 months old yet!

Yes, we’re still here…

We just haven’t had much time to draft lengthy posts in the last week or share much to our stories. This particular season of life is full these days. Most days are flat out busy. Navigating all of life’s newest changes and challenges are what we are built for and every single one of them are what makes life great. Do you know the difference between an adventure & an ordeal?


Something I’ve had to remind myself several times over the last month, admittedly. Life is intended to be an adventure; a journey into the unknown; open and accepting of challenges. At the beginning of May, we had many unknowns. By the end of May, our newest & next adventure is becoming more clear.

But for now…

We’re enjoying the tranquility of the Lake, spending time with each other & our pups, while getting the RV cleaned out on weekends. Speaking of RV, we’ve had some interest in it, but it hasn’t sold yet. 🤞🏻 we’ll get it sold soon.

More updates soon ✌🏻

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