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Exploring New Paths

Something we’re used to doing, but over the last few weeks we’ve really considered some new, exciting, & anxiety-inducing paths.

And no, we’re not talking about ‘physical’ paths, like places, trails, etc. We’re exploring an all new journey and one we’ve not pursued before. I suppose it does involve a place, but not a location to explore. Although admittedly, I’m surprised we haven’t before this moment in time because of how much we love and appreciate those who have pursued a similar journey.

Do you know what I love most about life?

The ability to make changes at anytime. That certainly doesn’t make it easier nor does having to make changes that weren’t originally planned any easier either. Let’s be honest at this point, none of what the last few years of our lives has been “what we drew up”.

It’s been 2 months since we officially left RV Life…

A few days ago I shared how ironic it is to view our home on wheels as a place of comfort as well as a place confinement and that confinement lead us to a different kind of comfort with its own unique confinement. Confused? Here’s what I mean…the RV lifestyle allows you to feel free without restrictions on locations to live, but it comes with confinement in terms of available space. Equally, back in a traditional home you feel more free with a bigger space, but in some cases more confined. Throw in being new parents with a 7 month old and that confinement can feel stricter.

Add in everything else occurring around the globe and it can feel smothering.

The things in life you want to change pushes you to change them. Other things you may not want to change, pushes you to adapt. There are many things you cannot change so you accept them and push forward.

And with all things, We keep moving no matter what.

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