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“On Matters of Style, Swim with the Current, but, On Matters of Principle, Stand like a Rock” –Thomas Jefferson

Something incredibly important to us is standing up for what we believe in as well as doing our best to lead by example. For more than 2 years now, we decided to stand like a rock for our principles. This will hold strong once our nomadic baby arrives next month (😳)

Thomas Jefferson might be one of my most favorite Presidents, but not simply because he succeeded President John Adams and attended William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA (which felt like a place we could call our forever home), but because he was a man of principle as the original author of the Declaration of Independence. He drafted many thought provoking rules to live by:

* Never Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today
* Never Trouble Another For What You Can Do Yourself
* Never Spend Money Before You Have Earned It
* Pride Costs More Than Hunger, Thirst, and Cold
* We Seldom Repent of Having Eaten Too Little
* Nothing is Troublesome That We Do Willingly
* How Much Pain the Evils Cost Us that Never Happened
* Take Things Always by the Smooth Handle
* When Angry, Count Ten Before You Speak; If Very Angry, Count A Hundred

2021 won’t be any different for us as far as standing up for what we believe in even if we encounter new challenges along the way!

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