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At least until she hits that phase where she’s too cool for her parents.

We were talking the other day (maybe reminiscing?) about date nights. Obviously, these were date nights before E was born and on many occasions, we’d see parents with young babies out to eat and without fail, the hostess/host would seat us next to them. I don’t believe I recall any instance that the kids misbehaved, but I remember being oblivious to what those parents had to go through just to get out of the house.

Let alone actually make it to dinner and eat their food before it got cold.

For people like us that don’t have family or close friends nearby and who also don’t have a nanny, date nights are *mostly* a thing of the past. For now, We usually plan a date day with an event for E and some lunch somewhere for us.

Getting out of the house, dressed in something other than PJs or workout clothes, with snacks, diaper bags, toys, books, and our sanity is a massive effort. We had no idea what those couples with babies at dinner had to go through just to get to the restaurant.

Now we do.

I remember the days we left the house with only what we had in our pockets. Today, it’s like leaving for a mini weekend getaway, except you are going somewhere 10 minutes away at 2pm to avoid the lunch rush & to beat the dinner crowd.


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