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RV’ing and Pregnancy: Hello 3rd Trimester!

We’re waking up to below freezing temps this morning and we even had to use an ice scraper on our windshields here in Texas. Seeing the farm land and pastures with frost glistening in the sunrise is beautiful.

Also…HELLO December! What a year right? We’re hearing the Governor here in Texas May consider suspending elective surgery cases again but mostly in the metro and south Texas areas. Meredith’s contract is up in January, so we’re hoping cases remain scheduled and her contract remains intact. Having that fully funded emergency/maternity savings provides us so much piece of mind. We’re thankful for being aggressive with our savings since March. We also have built 10 months worth of savings just for our vacation rental cabin should travel completely stop and The Smokies goes into full lockdown again.

Yesterday, we stopped in at our mailbox and it was like Christmas already. Boxes of baby gear. We’re in full force prepping the RV for baby. We put together baby’s changing table and dresser and we’ll have baby’s bassinet put together soon. Mom and baby are doing well. Some lower back pain and pretty tired most days, but she continues to smash workouts with me!! 28 weeks/197 Days of growing our little nomad and she’s still out working me at the gym 🥰.

These next couple of months will be busy for us, but the good kind of busy…as we get things ready around here for baby. We’re also starting to build up our ‘sleep savings’ in preparation for baby’s arrival. 😂.

2020 is the year of SAVINGS for us

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