Our 1906 Folk Victorian Farmhouse Renovation,  Our Story

Hometown: Hickory, NC

Number 1 most affordable place to live according to US News…

and ranked 3rd in best city to live in North Carolina. What do I like most about Hickory, NC? It just feels like home. Every time we’re in town, we don’t want to leave. We might not have walls in our house yet, but that hasn’t stopped us from considering pitching a tent and camping out in our soon-to-be-completed living room.

We’ve lived in ‘Burg’s, ‘Ville’s, Springs’s, Beach’s, but it seems fitting that since we love the mountains and being in nature, we’d put down roots in a town named Hickory.

Hickory gives us so many options for our lifestyle. Affordability ranked pretty high for us once we made the decision to commit to buying another home after we sold our Nashville house & our RV. One of our goals include minimal living expenses in our continued pursuit of financial independence and Hickory affords us this option.

Rankings aside, since late 2018 we’ve lived in a state of ‘transition’. For the last 4 years, we’ve not been able to firmly answer the question, “where are y’all from”? Don’t get us wrong, there’s something magical about the freedom you have not being from somewhere, but at some point you can start to feel lost. Especially this last year since moving to Charlotte. We had high hopes for Charlotte, but those hopes turned to ‘nopes’ after the 1st month we moved in.

We’re ready for the transition phase to be over. Hickory or bust!

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