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How Do We Stay Fit While On the Road?

Staying fit while on the road…
Is essentially the same as being stationary for us, but since Meredith works as a fulltime Locums CRNA, finding the motivation to go for a run, go for a bike ride, or go to the gym can sometimes be a challenge. Her schedule, her responsibilities, & being on her feet majority of the day leads to being exhausted and sometimes lacking in motivation to workout.

But…here’s some things she (we do) does to stay locked in on our health and fitness.
  • Food Prep Sunday’s. Even in the tiny kitchen in our RV. We shop on Friday for a week’s worth of groceries and prepare Meredith’s breakfast & lunch as well as our dinners for the week. This helps save us time during the week so we can workout.
  • Pack a gym bag (If we’re going to the gym that day). We found that it’s easier for Meredith to leave work and go straight to the gym. If she comes home, it can be hard to leave again. Since I work from home, I’ll drive to meet her.
  • Bring the dogs to the park for a run. I’ll load them up and meet Meredith at the park so the dogs get some fitness and spend time with us as well.
  • Since Sunday’s are Food Prep days, we’ll sometimes take the road bikes for long ride on Saturday’s. We call it our ‘Date Day of Fitness’. Pre-COVID, we would get up, get some fitness, then get some BRUNCH. We love brunch!
Consistency is Key, Even if Traveling Full-Time
  • Above all else, consistency. We stay as consistent as we can. We’re intentional with how we make our plans so that we both have the opportunity to workout. We aim for 3-4 days a week. 
We Created an Online Community:  Nomadik Fitness (Nomadik Fitness)
  • In May of 2019, we decided to create an online community for other travelers, nomads, and folks as passionate about their health and fitness as we are.  This community exists to share workout ideas, healthy food options that we prepare while on the road, great places to workout, gyms that we travel to, and a place for others to connect and share their fitness and travel story.

How do you stay motivated? What are some of the things you do to make time for your health and fitness?

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