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I Want to be the Type of Dad…

> Who always puts my marriage first
> That encourages my child to think differently and work smarter
> That will play dress up with them, especially on Halloween
> That explains self-discipline, self-motivation, & belief in themselves will lead them to success
> Who reminds them that words are only skin deep, but one’s actions speak louder
> That loves unconditionally and gives selflessly
> That teaches debt-free is the only way to be
> That doesn’t miss a game, a show, or a performance
> Who teaches them everything I didn’t know
> That love is limitless
> Who shows them a life of travel and adventures
> That explains experiences are greater than things
> Who promotes health and wellness
> That works hard, but knows how to have fun

and last but not least…

> Who teaches them how to walk on their hands 😉

I can’t wait to be a dad!

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