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Ironbound Gym (IBG) – Williamsburg, Virginia

The second gym we became members of on our journey is Ironbound Gym located in Williamsburg, Virginia.  We spent a total of 9 months in Williamsburg and Ironbound is one of the reasons we loved it there.

We said goodbye to Takeover Athletics (CrossFit Takeover) and hello to Ironbound Gym

After leaving our friends at Takeover Athletics (then CrossFit Takeover), we traveled a short distance from Virginia Beach to Williamsburg.  Ironbound Gym is the first gym we’ve experienced that offered traditional gym style equipment but also offered a functional fitness room with pull up rigs, rings, bumper plates, plyo boxes, rowers, and ski-ergs.  What truly makes IBG a great place for us is both the people and the cost, exactly in that order.

Not Just a Gym

Scott Grafton (Owner) and coach John Diehl made our experience more than just coming to the gym.  Their hospitality, warm embrace, and welcoming personalities provided us more than just a place to workout.  Sadly, our dear friend, John passed away leaving an empty space at IBG and in our hearts.

The Gym, Equipment, and Staff

What made Ironbound unique is its ability to offer something for everyone on their fitness journey.  From typical cable based machines to free weights like dumbbells and your cardio equipment like stairclimbers and treadmills, Ironbound Gym has you covered.  Additionally, IBG offered cycling classes, Zumba, and our personal favorite a functional fitness room designed for high intensity training using a variety of specific equipment including Concept 2 Rowers, Ski-Ergs, Assault Bikes, and even an Assault Runner.  You’ll also find exceptionally clean bathrooms that included lockers and showers.

Functional Fitness Room Details

This particular room was formally a CrossFit gym before that gym moved out to a bigger space (CrossFit 1607).  The room is closed off from the other areas of the gym with a bluetooth stereo that allows you to play your music during your workouts.  This room is part of an additional cost (which we’ll discuss next) to your overall membership but it is minimal and the room has a keypad for coded entry for those with the membership plan that covered access to this room.  Inside the room, you’ll find everything you need for all your CrossFit style workouts.  The pullup rig is connected to the wall on one side of the room with plenty of space to do wall balls.  You’ll find Kettlebells, a separate squat rack, rings, a rope to climb, and multiple barbells as well as bumper plates for plenty of olympic lifting EMOMs.


Completely Affordable

Next to the people and the community, Ironbound Gym’s pricing is amazing and truly worth the membership.  For both of us including the functional fitness room, we paid right at $100 a month.  Comparably, we paid almost $300 a month for both of us at both Takeover and our home state gym, CrossFit Nashville.  This affordability cannot be beat.  IBG provides so much for their members that $100 is completely worth it.  Since we are travelers always new to an area, there can be some hesitancy when joining a new gym, but not when it came to IBG.  We were welcomed with arms wide open!

Great Location

Located about 12 minutes from our campground, IBG is conveniently located in Williamsburg in a mixed residential and commercial area named, ‘New Town’.  It’s also located close to Colonial Williamsburg, Historic Jamestown, and the beautiful William & Mary College Campus.  Due to it’s prime location, the gym’s coolest feature is its architectural design on the exterior.  It looks exactly like many buildings you’d find in the Colonial Williamsburg area giving it the same intrinsic coolness like all of Williamsburg.  If new to Williamsburg or looking for a great place to sweat and make some friends along the way, there’s no better gym than Ironbound Gym. IBG Website

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