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It’s Never the Idea; It’s Always the Execution

Ideas are dreams turned reality through execution…

More importantly an idea puts our minds on a journey. What’s that saying? “An idea without a plan is just a dream”. To be honest, I’ve not been a fan of this saying. To put it simply, that quote basically says that dreaming is a waste of time because you don’t plan to act on the idea. But not every dream requires a plan.

Some ideas simply need execution.
Some ideas simply need discussion.
Some ideas simply need action.
Some ideas simply need faith.

But ultimately success is built off execution.

Meredith and I spent many months before RV Life dreaming of what our future looked like together. These dream discussions gave us opportunities to share our passions, our desires, & our goals for life. It made for excited dinner talk on date nights!

The idea for our fulltime RV Life didn’t really develop a fully formed plan. In some ways, we skipped right over the plan and landed at the execution.

Here’s what I mean…

In 4 months time, we left the life we started in Nashville. We had the idea of living tiny and traveling in a RV for work, time, & togetherness then pursued it 4 months later. We didn’t spend much time researching trucks, RVs, campgrounds, technology needed, Internet, etc. We looked at the Cliffs Notes versions 😉.

We looked passed the present and saw what the future held for us.

Now, looking back I’ll argue that we likely should have spent more time making a plan, but because we decided to execute our idea so quickly, it has led us to a future that we once dreamed of. We’ve even discovered new ideas and dreams along the way we didn’t discuss in the beginning!

Dedication to your execution is more important than a plan to your idea.

Without it, every plan fails.
Without it, every dream fades.
Without it, every idea disappears.

Our original idea consisted of better work-life balance and more time together…but

Our execution brought us…
*More time together
*New experiences
*New friends
*$181,000 in debt paid off
*A positive net worth from a negative
*Traveling & exploring across the USA

*Starting a family

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