Our Story

Knowledge is Power and Knowledge is a Legacy

The ONLY thing I wish to give my daughter is knowledge.

•The power to understand that it isn’t what you make, it’s what you spend.
•The capacity to understand that money is a tool & knowledge sharpens that tool.
•The ability to work smarter & not harder.
•That truth lies somewhere between skepticism & fact.
•That trust isn’t given it’s earned.
•Mindset over matter.
•Change is always good.
•Individuality exceeds uniformity.
•Retirement is a number, not an age.
•Leaving something better than you found it.
•Health is Wealth.
•Assets over Liabilities.
•Time is a non-renewable resource.
•People never forget how you treat them.
•Sunrises & Sunsets are FREE.
•Being different is courageous.

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