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Most Valuable Route

I’m fairly certain that…

We’ve taken a route as new parents that likely wasn’t the most optimal, but maybe the most valuable? Possibly…but what I can tell you is trust knowing that as new parents, we understand why many people avoid all of the below for the 1st few years.

Our route looked something like this:

• Still traveling fulltime in our RV when E was born.

• We spent the first 5 months of her life in 400 sq ft with 3 big dogs.

• To avoid the Texas heat in our RV last year, we “lived” at a lakehouse in Avinger, TX for a full month.

• We moved the 3 of us, our 3 dogs, 2 cars, a large RV & 2 storage units worth of our things from East Texas & Nashville, TN to Charlotte, NC.

• After moving to Charlotte, things changed for us again, & we bought a house an hour north in December 2021.

• In January 2022, we nearly lost our deposit to a contractor & design firm in our new hometown.

• In February, we signed a contract with a new general contractor & a large scale renovation & restoration project scheduled for our home.

• As of March 3rd, this renovation project is well underway.

• All while insuring E hits all of her milestones, balancing careers, new jobs, doing our best to find time for us, & managing our vacation home.

That timeline is nuts to me…

What that timeline above doesn’t show are the emotions felt, the tears that were shed (both happy & sad) the confusion experienced, the dependency on each other to manage responsibilities, the tough times, the questions asked, the baby giggles, the laughter, the ups & downs, the baby snuggles, a pandemic, & everything else life has in store daily.

Admittedly, I’d argue that

Any challenge we faced, we faced together. While not easy & maybe not a route we’d take again, it provided us memories that will last a lifetime. It’s understood that as new parents much of what we went through should be avoided because just being new parents is challenging enough.

We can’t wait for the mundane…

Which might sound strange, but we’re ready to have a home that is consistent for awhile. We’re ready for a community to be apart of & we’re ready for a little bit of boring in our lives. But the good kind of boring 😉

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