Our Story

Optimistically Speaking

Peaceful views,

Our wallets gone askew,

Running out of revenue,

Someone send us a rescue.

Always a snafu,

Wondering if we’ll get through?

Still trying to pursue,

Our dreams of virtue,

What has the World really come to?

Close to brand new,

Our self-care overdue,

Why has everyone gone cuckoo?

One day we’ll review,

Possibly through an overview,

Of everything we’ve gone through,

But for now, we bid you adieu.

We’ve been MIA for awhile. Many reasons as to why, but mostly we needed a break. It’s been a wild month and I think I summed up exactly how things have been going for us with my poem above.

Optimistically speaking, life has been hard. Not the bad kind of hard, just the temporary-things-will-soon-be-great kind of hard. I suppose that’s the cards your dealt when you chose a different path?

Not to mention expensive…

This renovation will be glorious when we are complete, but until then the costs far exceed what we set aside in our budget. So much so we’ve had to throttle down on wants and strictly focus on needs at this point.

Back to building our fortress of solitude,


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